Beijing Vocational College of Agriculture
Beijing Vocational College of Agriculture
Beijing Vocational College of Agriculture

Popular Programs Beijing Vocational College of Agriculture Study in China .

Profile About Our University!

  • Founded in: 1984
  • Campus: 812,200square meters
  • Students: 14000 (as of
  • Intl’ Students: 20 (as of )
  • Scholarship: No

Dear applicants:

Please download WeChat app and follow our official account (scan QR code below or add WeChat ID: A15810086958), to start your application journey.

Express Lane Application Core features included in all plans.

  • Feature 1

    GUIDE Application Guide

    Guide you how to apply for studying in China & Study in Beijing Vocational College of Agriculture.

  • Feature 2

    Album Gallary

    Share universities’ photos and students’ activities with you.

  • Feature 3


    Expose yourself to vivid campus and student fellows.

  • Feature 4

    Download Application File

    Help yourself download the application form and other relevant documents.

99% students choose us. Thanks for your visiting, welcome! Apply Now
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